Professional wedding planning tips + trends + what to do + especially what not to do

Professional wedding planning tips + trends + what to do + especially what not to do

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Using Pinterest for planning your wedding

We LOVE Pinterest. It's great for visually communicating with our clients what we're suggesting. But there comes a time when Pinterest isn't helpful to brides. Here's our thoughts on when Pinterest is helpful and when it's not:


  • USING IT AS A COMMUNICATION TOOL: When you pin something on Pinterest, label what you like about the image! When you let vendors see your pinterest board, if things aren't labeled in the photo, they may mis-interpret what you like. Use the comment box at the bottom of the image to talk to your vendors about what you like & what you don't like.
  • NOTIFICATIONS OF UPDATES: If vendors have joined your boards, they get notifications every time you add a pin or make a comment.
  • DEFINING YOUR STYLE: When you look at your Pinterest board, you should begin to see your wedding come to life. Every pin reflects your style. Many wedding vendors are visual people, so Pinterest can really help them visualize what you're looking for!
  • FINDING CREATIVE IDEAS: Are you trying to pull off a specific theme for your wedding? Pinterest has some fun ideas for all types of themes! Search for creative wedding favors, save the dates, etc.

  • TOO MANY IDEAS: There are a bajillion ideas on Pinterest when it comes to weddings. It can be overwhelming. There's no need to pin every one of them. Find the idea that best fits your style, and move on to the next.
  • NOT BEING ORGANIZED: When you look at our private Pinterest boards, you'll find we start off with reception tablescapes, then we move on to ceiling decor & lighting, then we move onto bouquets/flower arrangements, then onto cakes, etc.. . . we try to pin all of our ideas for one element at a time. If you're skipping from one idea to the next, it can be hard to go back and easily see the style come to life. Some brides like to make separate boards for every single element of the wedding. We find it's most helpful to keep everything all on one board - just make sure you're labeling everything!
  • CONTINUING TO PIN: Once you've defined your style and found some creative ideas, stop getting on to Pinterest. Take those ideas you've already pinned and start running with them! If you just keep pinning, you just set yourself up for disappointment that there's not enough time to implement every cool idea you've found.
  • NOT MAKING A DECISION: Once you've found the basic ideas for what you want your wedding to be, be happy with it, and commit to carrying it through. If you don't stop pinning, you end up with so many ideas and no way to tie them all together. Have the restraint to make a decision, and stick to it. You will be a much happier bride in the long run.

Happy Pinning everyone!

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